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BBC1 - 2008

2 x 6 mins for BBC One – Jan 2008
Writer: Oliver Brown
Director: Harry Bradbeer
Producer: Richard Broke

Cast: Marc Warren, Marsha Thomason, Daniel Ryan, Nina Sosanya, Rory Kinnear, Niall Macgregor and Laura Greenwood.

Sales: BBC Worldwide

New Messiah cop, Joseph Walker is haunted by a violent past which threatens his ability to hunt down a killer with a terrifying message for the world. But are Joseph and his new squad just tracking a criminal or are they themselves part of the murderers plan? Marc Warren stars as DCI Joseph Walker, in a story brimming with the tension and thrills of the Messiah series, and the intrigue of the questionable personal lives of the new characters.

The story: Recently on secondment in Israel, Joseph Walker was separated from his Palestinian girlfriend Salma following a suicide bombing perpetrated by Salma’s own brother. Now back in England, Joseph has no idea how or where Salma is – or indeed how much she knew about her brother’s suicide mission.

When Joseph heads up the investigation into a series of gruesome and elaborately staged murders, he is puzzled by the bizarre nature of the killings and the presence of mysterious symbols traced into a layer of sand at each murder scene.

Joseph’s new team – DS Mel Palmer (Marsha Tomason) and DI Terry Hodges (Daniel Ryan) – is directly connected to the murders by an illicit love affair and a disturbing rape case being prosecuted by CPS lawyer Sarah Templar (Nina Sosanya).

With murder number three, a pattern appears to emerge: the victims were a Muslim, a Jew and a Christian – completing the trinity of ‘Abrahamic’ religions, today considered antagonistic but all coming from the same root. Joseph is convinced these victims are being used to illustrate something – but what? He matches the staging of the three murders to apocalyptic signs common to all three Abrahamic religions: It appears the killer thinks it’s the End Of The World…

MESSIAH – THE RAPTURE transmitted on BBC1 in January 2008 to an audience of nearly 6 million viewers.

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